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My name is Sheila Livingston. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1964 to American parents. In 1971, I was ripped from my homeland and transplanted to California, USA.

Forces beyond my control at the time include: mummy and daddy divorcing; daddy remarrying and producing a child; me and my sis Karen spending the 1971 summer and subsequent school year in Illinois with daddy and his new family; daddy dropping dead from a heart attack that Fall while the rest of us were riding roller coasters at Six Flags Over St. Louis; deplaning back home in Canada, asking why it was so hot, and being told I lived in California now.

Central California: home of cows and wingnuts. The wingnuts left when the air force base closed but the cows remain. I grew up a latch-key kid with a single mom who worked her ass off to provide a stable home for two bratty girls who hated each other. (We are much nicer now. We even like to hang out together.) Mom was so successful as a provider I had no idea we were poor until I was an adult. Of course "poor" is a relative term. Let's just say I did get new shoes at the start of each school year but our car was a million years old and only ran because my uncle was a mechanic.

Growing up in a rural community has its advantages. I know how to turn left on a country road when cars are behind me and there is no oncoming traffic (move over to the left lane so the cars can pass on the right without having to reduce speed), I don't mind the smell of cow poop and silage (reminds me of home), and I can ride a horse (the object is to keep the horse between you and the ground at all times.)

I still live in Central California, a mere eight miles from where I grew up and where everyone goes if they want to see a movie in a real live movie theatre. I work as a CPA but that doesn't define me so DON'T PUT ME IN A BOX, MAN. I also gain great enjoyment and satisfaction from organizing things like closets, files, garages, and kitchen cabinets. Granted, if being a CPA is the top and bottom of the box, yearning to be a professional organizer constitutes the remaining four sides. But it would be a COLORFUL box...and BIG so there's room for other stuff...and UNIQUE! Dammit.

I started this blog in June 2006 at the behest of friends who said, "Shut up and write it down already!" What they actually said was more polite and supportive, but I am pretty sure that is what they meant. I am just happy to have the kind of friends who tell me to get off my ass and do something. And who drink with me.

When not at my day job, I can be found reading, blogging, or talking, the latter of which I perform profusely and with much gesturing of the hands. I currently have green eyes, laugh lines, and cats. I do not have shame, a gym membership, or my uterus. The rest will be blogged as it changes.